There are no secrets about our breeding program.  It is centered on Leo and due for publication was a biography of this great horse by Frank Holmes.  Frank recently passed away, at age 65, from cancer.  Perhaps those of us who find value in Leo's legacy will be fortunate enough that Frank's unpublished work will someday be sent to press.  He also wrote a biography about the great Dale Wilkinson, the "father" of modern reining.  For many of us, Franks passing leaves us a little lesser.  He reminded us of the great horses and horseman of the past in a way that was compelling and motivational.  It is important to know where you have been to know where you are going.  Frank had written for most of his adult life and left us with a plethora of written words through The Western Horseman, the APHA Journal, and the Legend Series.  Considering Leo and Dale, he saved the best for last.  Thanks for what you did Frank.  It was a life well spent.